Friday, April 29, 2016

Obama and GDP Growth - A Disaster

Unless there is some sort of economic miracle for the United States over the about the next nine months, President Obama is looking like he is set to become one of the worst presidents ever (fourth from the bottom) relative to the growth of the GDP (kids, if you don't know what is the GDP, go back to school and pay attention and if your teachers don't know - well they should be fired). More here.

I seem to vividly recall how leftists and other assorted moon-bat liberals loved to harangue Ronald Reagans trickle down economics but truth be told he did better than the current NIC when it came to the growth of the GDP. My bet though is that now, the left will say the GDP is not an indicator of economic growth; after all what is a good leftist to do when they can't have the facts going their way? They twist it and turn the facts, lie about them and corrupt them until  they make right to suit themselves - even if the result is pure bullshit.

My thanks and a hat tip to PVQ for having the link on his FB page.

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