Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gunpowder & Alcohol Do Not Mix...

... and that goes for anyone including police officers.

A New York City Police officer, Brendan Cronin, who was arrested in April 2014 for reportedly randomly shooting two men as they sat in their car at a red light, has been sentenced to nine years in prison. He was facing up to 25 years and, I think, got off relatively easy after copping a plea by pleading guilty to attempted murder among other charges. He supposedly was so totally shitfaced drunk at the time of the shooting that when arrested he said did not remember anything. He also reportedly told arresting officers that he was "on the job" - a phrase meaning he was a police officer. Prior to the shooting, he reportedly had spent the day at the NYPD range at Rodman's Neck, in the Bronx. After that it is reported he went out drinking with friends (whom I suspect were other officers) in a bar near to the range during which time he consumed several drinks including multiple whiskies and beers. More here and here.

There was apparently no way out of this for him, otherwise I would bet he would never have plead guilty. There reportedly was a surveillance video of some sort, never released to the public, showing the shooting. It evidently would have resulted in his being nailed to a cross had he plead not guilty and gone to trial in my estimation.

Yes, the victims are both suing the city, the NYD and the shooter.
New York City probably will be paying mega-bucks to the plaintiffs due to this sloshed shithead shooter.

It is best never to mix gunpowder and alcohol but if you are going to drink while armed, then at least do so in moderation if you must do it at all and make sure you firearm has been unloaded, taken down and secured before taking the fist sip. It may save you some jail time, a lot of money and headaches and may result in someone not getting shot.

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