Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... can sometimes really suck to have to make decisions. Like tonight for instance - should I watch the season opener of Fear The Walking Dead or should I play it safe and protect my TV by watching something else instead? If I watch it, and it's not any better (and by that I really mean a hell of a whole frigging lot better) than the any and all of the episodes in the first season, I may take out the TV with the 870 before the show is over tonight. This show was has been one of the most hyped zombie shows ever and it sucks more than Zombie Honeymoon and believe me that sucked really bad. I tried to watch it few times but could never make it through it all the way, not even once when nothing else but crap was on the screen that night. Even drunk, I could not watch it.

Even with all its inconsistencies, I still watch The Walking Dead. That one is entertaining, it has good actors, good scripts and directors and excellent special effects. On the other chewed off hand, Fear The Walking Dead has been a like what I imagine a documentary about Millard Fillmore would be like - BORING AS ALL HELL! Damn, I'd rather watch reruns of Romper Room than season one of Fear The Walking Dead again. Yet, as with most zombie flick fans I know, I probably am going to watch it because its a zombie show after all! Still though, I have not completely made up my mind.

Any which way, it starts in less than an hour. Just in case I do decide to watch it, I guess I had best start putting away all of my guns and any ammo. The machete ought to be locked away too. It would not be good if I destroyed the television, it was my Father's Day gift just last year, it's not even a year old yet!

All the best,
Glenn B

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Glenn B said...

I made a bad decision, I watched the show. Luckily I did not shoot my TV but probably came close. That is it for me with said show because it sucks.