Saturday, March 26, 2016

Binary Explosives - It's Best To Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

Who follows, to the tee, the instructions on half the things they use. Probably not many of us. I mean, when was the last time you used only the charger that came with your cell phone to charge it, or when did you read every word on how to use your blender, or television, or lawn mower, or your new car? Sure, you may skim the instructions to figure out how to use this or that but do you read the precautionary warnings bout how to safely use a product. I don't always read them but I do sometimes, especially like when using something that has a powered cutting blade, or chemicals like bug killer, or a new medicine I need to take, or a firearms manual. I don't want to do something stupid with something dangerous, and even deadly, that could result in me regretting not having read those warnings and doing so for the rest of my life.

For example, take binary explosives. You know what they are right. Well, if your answer is "No, I don't" or "Yes, I do" would you, or have you, read the precautions in the instructions before using them. I sure would and actually have done so a few times before using them. Hell, they are explosives, at least once mixed, thus the 'binary' in the name. In essence, binary explosives are explosives that require at least two substances to be mixed together with one another before they become explosive. 

An example that is commonly available and that is used regularly in recreational settings is Tannerite or any other such brand of binary explosive made for recreational shooting. They are pretty safe. Unless mixed, neither substance is explosive on its own. Once mixed, they will not explode unless certain narrow conditions are met. For example, Tannerite will supposedly not explode if set on fire or if hit with all your might with a hammer (DO NOT TRY EITHER OF THESE TO SEE IF CORRECT OR NOT). Even when mixed and set off, Tannerite was designed not to be incendiary. It will explode though, as designed, if shot with a high powered rifle round. Thus, it is a fairly popular item among shooters who have available places where they can responsibly and safely shoot it to set it off. Sadly, it is also popular with some who seemingly are very irresponsible. Take for example the man in the below video but before you even see him in the video pay attention to what the reporter says first about it being safe:

Now go back and listen to what the reporter says about "close quarters" then to how far away from it the sheriff believes you should be when shooting a pound of it. The man in the video reportedly was only 43 feet from it and had it stuffed it into a riding lawn mower. He reportedly used three pounds of it. What was he thinking or was he just not thinking???

He lost his leg. Had he been shooting alone, there probably would have been a good chance he would have bled to death and lost his life. Luckily, he had friends with him. Luckily again, none of them was severely injured or killed from what I can gather. I imagine at least one of them knew something about applying a tourniquet and someone called 911 fast and this time help got there in time to save him but I imagine not his leg. This was a tragedy that could have been easily avoided by reading the product warnings and instructions AND BY FOLLOWING THEM. Pay attention to those warning folks, especially on things that you already should have the common sense enough to know could be dangerous. Look at those for Tannerite here and tell me, how wise was this man if as reported he shot at 3 pounds of it, stuffed in a riding mower, at a distance of only 43 feet! Sometimes, following instructions may just save your life or limb.

Sadly, this man probably has learned a lesson that he is almost certainly going to regret having learned for the rest of his life. I can not imagination what it would be like to have done this to myself or worse yet to a family member or friend. If you are thinking along the lines of 'fuck that shit, I don't need to read any stinkun instructions', please do yourself a favor and watch it again and pay particular to what the shooter says right after the target explodes; then imagine you or a loved one was him.

A hat tip to Peter G over at Bayou Renaissance Man for the post in which I originally saw this video.

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