Saturday, February 6, 2016

Paid A Visit To Volko Supply, My Local FFL, On Thursday...

...and picked up my new rifle. New to me that is, as it is a used Mossberg Model 44 U.S.(a). A bit to my dismay, I did not look over the rifle very well while at Volko Supply Co. Inc., otherwise I would have noticed that "(a)" letter designator. What can I say, I had other things on my mind at the time and was in a hurry because I would return to the same area to visit my vet, to have one of our dogs put down, shortly after my rush visit to the FFL. As a side note, the folks at Volko were pleasant and efficient once again; Victor handled the transfer for me. his is a great place if you need to do an FFL transfer for a long gun.

So, the rifle is somewhat of a slight disappointment since it has a letter designation as part of the model number. I got this rifle by way of telephone bidding in an auction. That the rifle apparently was misrepresented as the auction catalog is evidenced by the fact it listed was a model 44 U.S. and not as a 44 U.S.(a). They also had a 44 U.S.(b) up for bids and clearly listed the (b) designator I that rifle's description. So, the one I got with the (a) in the model number is a bit of a downer because it is less valuable than the one on which I thought I was bidding without a letter designator (as per The Blue Book of Gun Values).

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I got it at a decent price though and am not that all that concerned. I figure it must have been an honest mistake by the auction house as I know them to be reputable. The thing is, I passed up bidding on another Mossberg 44 U.S. in the same auction because it had a letter designator, tat was the 44 U.S. (b). I had wanted the earlier version without the letter designation. Oh well, while I could raise a big stink and demand my money be returned to me and return the rifle to them, I will settle for this one this time.

It seemingly is in good condition, looking at its outsides, and has few if any problems that I can see. There is one thing that is sure to devalue it, someone evidently tried to, or actually did, drill and tap it for a scope mount, then later filled in the four holes with some sort of compound. Looks almost like plastic filler to me. I don't know if it was done right or was a botch job and then filled in but that will need some investigating on my part. The holes should not interfere with the rifle's functionality but may devalue it more than the letter designation. Otherwise it appears to be in at least Fine to Excellent condition based on NRA standards.

I will be taking it down as best I can for a good cleaning and lube, then will take it to the range to see how it shoots. If it matches the other Mossberg 44 U.S. that I have already, I will be quite the happy shootist. If it does not match he other, at least I have a spare parts gun. More about this rifle in a future post.

All the best,
Glenn B

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