Friday, January 8, 2016

There I Was All Set To Blog More Regularly...

...and boom I was laid out on my back. I had been under the weather all last week into this week with aches and pains, a sore throat and chest congestion due to a cold or so I had thought. On Monday I seemed somewhat better but then very late Monday night throughout much of Tuesday, I cleaned myself out running for the throne. I was pretty much in sheer misery on Wednesday and went to see my gastro doc who sent me to the ER. Wound up I had a strep infection. They shot me up with some antibiotics and I am feeling much better though far from 100%. Of course, my wife thinks me a hypochondriac but I guess she can't argue the test results. Anyway, maybe I will get some blogging done over the weekend. I have a lot of catching up on the news to do before any serious stuff though.

All the best,

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John in Philly said...

Years and years ago I responded to my wife's statement of "You just think you are sick," with quite the rude burst of sailor like language. She returned in a few seconds with the thermometer and it seems that a temperature of 102.9 set aside her belief that I was a hypochondriac.

Still waiting for the acknowledgment of being right. (deep soulful sigh)