Saturday, January 30, 2016

Only Days Away From The Best... of the year and it's all in honor of a rodent! Yes, I mean Groundhog Day. No gift giving - thus no shopping, no relative over for a holiday feast - thus no hours and hours preparing for those picky pains in the arse, no Groundhog Day decorations - thus no aching back to stretching and reaching and bending to hang them, no religious connotations in any way shape or form - thus no way to offend anyone (except rodent haters). You, or at least I, have just got to love the crap of a holiday that gets thousands of folks to stand out in the bitter cold just to see if a fat little porker of a rodent (groundhog) sees its own shadow or not to figure out if we will still have six more weeks of winter or not, especially since the little bastard has no clue what he (or she) is doing and neither do the spectators because winter is another six weeks and five days, or so, long regardless of if he sees his shadow or not.

Hope your Groundhog Day is a wonderful one.

All the best,
Glenn B

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