Saturday, January 23, 2016

It's Been A Long Week...

...working every day. I am not complaining, I can use the cash but I have to say that since retirement and in my post-cancer age, I find it a whole lot harder to find any time for blogging after a full day's work. I suppose it is not just because of the job but have to consider the getting here and back home again that has made it a tiring, if not sometimes exhausting, thing for me. The walking a mile to the train, taking three trains, then walking another half mile or so to the office, after which I walk about one to 1.5 miles during my lunch, and I walk another mile back to the rail road after work (I take a different train home, with no connections) and then another mile walk to my house from my local station is all a good thing though, because since I have been doing that almost every weekday, my BP has been down.  I know, it's not really all that much but it has been enough for me; I am no spring chicken anymore. Anyway, my days have been tuckering me out and I have little desire to blog when I get home. Sometime in the not too distant future (next month), the out fit for which I work is supposed to have a full timer come aboard and I probably will not be working more than a day or two a week (and eve that will be dependent on folks calling in sick or taking vacation). I plan to keep up the walking, probably at the gym on a treadmill but also some out and about through the neighborhood. I shouldn't stop a good thing, I have lost about 6 or 7 pounds since I started. Whatever, once I am working less, I will have more time to blog.

All the best,
Glenn B

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