Saturday, January 2, 2016

Buying Ammo - Starting The New Year Off Right... in making sure I take the liberty to exercise my rights. I just ordered 200 rounds of .35 Remington. It is a disappearing caliber of ammunition, one that ammo makers apparently have relegated to the "fuck the folks who own guns in that caliber" category as the so called ammo shortage continues. (See more on disappearing 35 Rem here.) So, while I can still find some of it, I am planning on buying as much as I can acquire within my means. I only have about 500 rounds on hand and those certainly would not last long if I decided to keep shooting my Marlin 336 as much as I used to shoot it. Right now, I shoot restrict myself to a very limited amount of shooting with it, just enough to stay proficient, which basically means sighting it in for zero maybe two to four times a year.

What I ordered today was pretty overpriced (although a fair price in today's market, I suppose) and also is a specific type of 35 Remington ammo I had hoped I would be able to avoid buying. I ordered 200 rounds of Hornady LeverEvolution FTX 200 grain 35 Remington rounds. When, I said I had hoped never to buy this specific ammo and had wished the others would have been vailable, I am not saying the Hornady is bad ammo or anything like that. It is simply that it is of a design for which I do not see the need. However, if what Hornady says about this ammo is all true, then I should be quite pleased with it.

Yet, I would much preferred to have been able to buy 200 rounds of either Winchester Super-X 200 grain PP, or Remington Express Core-Lokt 200 grain SP ammo but they are almost impossible to find. When I do find one or the other they're even more overpriced than the Hornady LeverEvolution ammunition and usually much more so. Me paying the $1.48 per round for this order (the shipping price is included in that figure) is being done only out of desperation on my part. My preferred brands had been going for less than a buck a round before Obama, but what is a shooter to do other than assure that he has enough ammo on hand to last a lifetime, what with arsehats like him stripping away our liberties and rights. My thanks to my brother-in-law Alex, my Secret-Santa, who gave me $200 bucks for Christmas, it is all going toward this purchase.

So, I will be stocking up on needed ammo as often as I can this year and I will remain hopeful that ammo prices will fall soon; although, I am none to optimistic about that. I advise any of you who are shooters to do likewise, especially if you have any firearms chambered for hard to get calibers.

All the best,
Glenn B

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B said...

'taint hard to reload. Even a $100 lee single stage press and a set of dies (like the whole setup for under $150) you can crank out about 30+ rounds an hour...

Saves money too, or so they tell me. I just shoot more, so I burn up the savings pretty fast.