Saturday, December 5, 2015

Out Of Warranty For Only 3.5 Months...

...and it is out of service again. The 'it' being my HP Pavillion laptop computer. I guess adding a Dell Alienware laptop to my Christmas wish list was reasonable; although, I suppose it unreasonable to expect to get one as a gift. It seems, I will have to improve my spending and savings habits before I can reasonably expect to get a new one. For now, I am trying to repair it myself and will depend on my phone for Internet use.

2206 Hours, Edited to Add: Many - many - many hours later, after writing the above, it seems to be working now but only after I ran 3 or 4 complete system recoveries. Hopefully the back-up I ran before doing the first recovery has worked. Right now I am running a virus scan of the drive I used to store the backed up files. If they are all clean, I will recover them to the hard drive tomorrow.

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