Saturday, November 28, 2015

Obama Can Blame This On Bush Too...

...but he only has himself to blame for me doubting which side he is on. In fact, I am beginning to lose any doubt that Obama is not on our side at all and that he would prefer a caliphate in place of our present form of government. His comparison of Muslims to the Pilgrims was so far out in left field as to have removed almost any doubt from my mind that he is one of them. His wishes for gun control make me think he would see us unarmed so his buddies can conquer us. Hi s rhetoric and actions, after police shootings of thugs among other things, indicate to me he is given to racism. I think everything about him reeks of him being a servant of allah, a racist, an anti-Constitutional, anti-American, usurper of our rights and liberties.

While I often thought Bush a well meaning patriot who was sometimes a fool, I see Obama as the personification of anti-American idealism and tyranny.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Alanatswbell said...

If you look at everything he does at being the absolute WORST he can do for America and its citizens, then and only then do his decisions make sense. He is Americas worst nightmare.