Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I just did a fairly quick inventory of my 9mm pistol ammo. As soon as I was done counting, I realized I had better start buying morec because it sure can disappear fast over the course of two or three shooting outings. I had a decent amount of 9mm on hand this past July only to find today that I have depleted 2/5 of my stock since then. I still have a good amount of it on hand but heck, the next thing I know, I could deplete another 2/5 of it and that would leave me uncomfortably low. With the upcoming bloggershoot in West Virginia, I figure we will shoot at least a few hundred rounds of it. Thus, the 500 rounds I just ordered yesterday will do little to nothing to build up my supply. I need to work more to earn more, so I can buy more 9mm ammo. At least a few to several cases more of it would be nice to have on hand.

All the best,

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skybill said...

Hi Glenn,
'Know what ya' mean!! Also when I buy a box(es) I put the date of purchase on it somewhere. When I go to grab a box or two I go for the oldest!! 'Been doing this for some years now. Side note, interesting how "Time Flies!!!"
Got Gunz....OUTLAW!!!!,
PS Love that Intro Foto!!!