Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kilted To Kick Cancer Day 9

I spent most of the day at home but got ready to head to JFK international Airport just before 5PM. As I was walking down the stairs after taking a shower, my wife muttered "oh God" when she saw me. I was wearing my blue kilt and I was about to drive her and my daughter to the airport for their mother-daughter trip to Venice, Italy and a Mediterranean cruise. I guess she was not happy about the kilt but I reminded her she could call a cab. Next thing I knew and the three of us were in the Corolla headed for JFKIA after they said their goodbyes to our son.

I had hoped to have my wife or daughter take a shot of my kilted self at the airport and to spend some time with them before their flight but both of them insisted I drop them off curbside and then just leave. I dropped them off as desired, took the big bag out of the trunk and set it down next to my wife making sure to pull out the extended handle for her, then turned and closed the trunk. I was about to get the other suitcase but my daughter beat me to it. I gave her a hug and kiss goodbye, wished her fun and turned to kiss my wife goodbye. She had moved away about 10-15 feet into a crowd and said goodbye from there. I just got in the car and while driving home pondered applying for a divorce because I am sure it was not the kilt that got me the cold shoulder. I guess it was the kilt.

Almost an upkilt shot.

Anyway, no kilted pic at the airport, so I just took this selfie for any desperate women out there who might need cheering up. The only other KTKC Day 9 news is that, since last night, Team Glenn B took in at least three donations amounting to $200.00. Yes, one was for $100 so I owe another dunk my junk video. I will try to shoot it tomorrow. Thanks to all who have had the generosity to donate so far.

All the best,
Glenn B

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