Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Gun Guru Handgun Video That's More Amusing Than Informative...

... because of the mistakes he makes about these pistols such as calling a magazine a cartridge, what he says about firing one handed and how he tells/shows you to unload a revolver. His comment about why women should like the Ruger LCP is destined to become a classic.

By the way, my calling this a gun guru video has nothing to do with his accent. Gun guru is long used term to denote a master firearms know it all instructor (at least he thinks he knows it all) who in essence has virtually no to only little real clue as to the subject matter. Folks, make sure if you seek firearms training, you are getting it from someone who really has the knowledge and experience to train you. That term, in my opinion, fits this guy perfectly. I prefer someone who has been certified as an instructor by a major firearms organization like the NRA but sometimes even that is no guarantee. Do yourselves a favor, read a good book or two - an actual published work on the subject of shooting before you even think of picking up a gun. Then, check with a group like the NRA, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, National 4-H Shooting Sports; they can all point you in the right direction to find an instructor who is right on target.

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