Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Pig Trap - A Long Read Well Worth Reading

My friend PQ sent me a link to an article called The Pig Trap. It's actually a blog post but is so well written and so voluminous (16 single spaced pages if copied and pasted to MS word in Georgia 12pt. font) that to call it a mere blog post seems to belittle it. It is, in fact, better than that; it is the most well written piece I have seen regarding our current political predicament, that of us being lured to and caught in a pig trap as far as our rights, liberties and freedoms go.

All that may be surprising considering the source. The blog in which it appears is Taxicab Depressions, a blog dedicated to "...funny stories about the obnoxious drunks and belligerent whores that get into my taxi in a Florida beach town." Yet, not only is the article well worth reading, it should be compulsory for anyone who loves freedom and despises tyranny. That applies to Democrats as well as Republicans and to Libertarians and Independents or anyone else and that it applies to all of us who are not screaming, foaming at the mouth, leftists becomes quite clear in the piece. I am going to insist that my children read it regardless of the fact that they are both adults and don't have to do almost anything on which I insist any more. I truly believe that if you ever want to even think about seeing America the way it used to be, then you must read it yourself to first realize the full extent of what we are, of what America has become (actually we are much worse off now than we were when this piece was written just over a year ago but it will open your eyes and put things in perspective nonetheless). Only then will we be able to grasp the magnitude of our fall from the pinnacle we had once achieved and only then will we realize the arduous climb which we need to make to regain our Constitutional Republic, our freedoms, our rights and our liberty to exercise those rights in our pursuit of happiness.

Without any further jabbering from me, here is the link to The Pig Trap:

Now that we see the problem, what are we going to do about it? I would sure like to meet with the author of the article, his taxicab fare "Mr. Wheeler", and his livestock industry client "Kevin" to
discuss the options with all of them. The dinner and beers over which we discussed the issues would be on me, and yes that is an open invitation to the three of them.

A hat tip and my thanks to PQ for opening my eyes to that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

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