Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Confidence Of This Jaguar Is Amazing

I say confidence because it is pretty obvious that this is not an inexperienced cat when it comes to hunting a caiman. This video was reportedly shot in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil.

Not only does it take to the caiman's habitat to stealthily approach, but once it grabs its prey, what does it do but go right back into the caiman's preferred habitat - the water. The caiman is almost undoubtedly the stronger swimmer than the jaguar; but nonetheless, this big cat has the confidence to drag it right back into the water and then swim with the crocodilian in its jaws. It knows it has given it the coup de gras and is sure of it. It was one well thought out and probably previously accomplished feat on the part of this jaguar, at least - I find it hard to believe that jaguar never did that before. It is truly the king of its jungle by far.

While YouTube was where I found the above video, a different version ( because there is more of the beginning of it and less of the end) can be found at National Geographic here and I really recommend watching that version too because there is some narration as the hunt runs its course:

The jaguar is truly one awesome hunter.

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Glenn B

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