Tuesday, February 24, 2015

They Keep Saying A Clown Nose For Your Pistol...

...is, in essence, something that will give a suspect one last chance to live . How? Basically by giving him a moment to pause and rethink if he should continue or cease his attack on an officer who just utilized a device that delivers a metal ball instead of a bullet into the criminal's body. The ball is supposed to have a shocking effect that stuns the attacker with less chance of lethality. I notice though, not once did anyone, pushing for the clown nose like device, hypothesize that by giving the suspect one more chance to live, you also are giving him one more chance to kill a law enforcement officer or other innocents! The less lethal force of the ball, instead of a bullet, could give the criminal all the time he needs to kill the cop or a bystander. 

I am all for putting an end to overuse of force by the police, I find it abhorrent. Yet, I also believe, LEOs need to be able to protect themselves with deadly force as them deem, within legal restrictions, to be necessary. While the guy pushing this device is saying the police will have an option as to when to use it, my bet is that political correctness would demand that officers use it each and every time they draw a handgun in self defense if it is issued in any given department o agency. In my opinion, this thing is ridiculous, to me it is just the same as using a rubber bullet or bean bag loaded as the first shot in the gun. In other words, I can see it as nothing more than dangerously ineffective. I also imagine that any head shot with it would hold a high probability of being deadly and it would be just another way for LE departments to increase the risk of death to citizens because the officers would be trained that it is less than, or less, lethal force. The agencies would then attempt to justify their officers having killed suspects with this device the same way they try to do with TAZER use. They will claim it was less lethal force and thus the risk was minimized - just as they say now with the rampant use of TAZERs under what often appear to be totally inappropriate circumstances.

I see no need for this thing, I think it's all hype and a way for a retired LEO to make money off of the system.

A hat tip and my thanks to Peter Q for sending me the video and for coining the alternate name of "clown nose" for the device.

All the best,
Glenn B


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