Friday, February 20, 2015

Bobblehead Bomber

I used to have a Bobblehead Mohammad Bomber. For the life of me, I cannot remember what I did with it or what happened to it. I doubt I gave it away or lost it and while it is possible that the wife threw it out when I was away on a work assignment, I get the 
extremely vague feeling, if not exactly a recollection, that it was stolen lifted from my desk when I worked for the G. Of course, I may have lost it on 9/11 in the Custom House at 6WTC. I really don't remember one way or the other with any certainty.

Now, I don't know exactly why it has come to mind, again and again, but it sure has been coming to mind quite a bit over the past several days. So much so that I sure wish I could find that one or at least a source for another one. I checked on Amazon, at Ebay and by doing a general search of the web but found nothing available. In fact, I could only find a single photograph of one online but it is exactly as I remeber the one I had so long ago.

Anyone know of a source?

All the best,
Glenn B


Steve said...

That looks like the ones I have. If I remember right, they were from a former Marine who had them made up. I did a quick search of my email but can't find anything. The order info may be lost.

I have two. If you can't find one elsewhere, I could probably let one go. For a reasonably astronomical price. :) j/k

Steve said...

I'm pretty sure this was the guy.

Glenn B said...

Thanks. I have seen the article and all the links in it. None of the links to the creator are good anymore. I imagine it was a flash business - here and gone all in his 15 minutes of fame.