Monday, January 12, 2015

I Must Admit That As Much As I Can Use The Money...

...I hope they don't call me into work tomorrow. Coming home today to absolutely NO beer in the fridge but yet a good stash of my Moonshine Cherries (that had already been reinforced with extra moonshine) has me feeling less than like I want to work tomorrow.

Later for U (and much later for work),


skybill said...

Hi Glenn,
Oh Please, "NO BEER IN THE FRIG???" Definite "Alcohol abuse!!!" Shutter the thought! Well, the "Moonshine" made up for it. But "BEER," "COLD BEER!!" 'Nuff said!! "Here'z to Cardinal Puff for the First Time!!!!!!!......" If anybody can remember???? Perhaps an old Fart Skydiver can chime in??

Glenn B said...

Well, as it turned out I was up at 0530 this morning, I guess because I limited my intake last night and by force of habit because of work the last few weeks before my FL trip. Funny I slept late while down there. No calls from my boss to come to work this morning, so I woke up early for nothing. Proceeded to go back to bed at about 0630 once I was pretty sure he would not be calling (since he usually calls by 6). Oh well, no money for today, maybe tomorrow.

Glenn B said...

Whoops, just found out I was supposed to work today. Boss sent me a text, last night, telling me so but I guess it was lost in the cybershere. As it turns out, back to work tomorrow and Friday and Thursday is a maybe.