Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Cracked Open My Golden Monkey Tripel Ale At 1203 Hours Today...

...and am still nursing it. Since it is a 1 pint, 9.6 fluid ounce sized ale, that is almost understandable, that is the still nursing it part is almost understandable, if you think having one that early is bad, go screw yourself. I am almost ready for a second one but I suppose most would be well into their second one by now.

It is a Golden Monkey Tripel from the Victory Brewing Company of Downington, PA. It has 9.5% alcohol content and is a spiced ale. It is damned good too and it is reliable in that regard as I can testify after having enjoyed them several times now! I have to hand it to the brewers at Victory, they have a winner with this one. It also has a darned good price, selling for about $5.79 a bottle (if I remember right) at Costco as opposed to most finer ales, with that high an alcohol content, they sell that go for about $8 to $15 a bottle.

I am not the only one thinking it is a great tasting ale, look to this link for a review with all that fancy shit about how its flavor (it tastes like great ale to me):

All the best,
Glenn B

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