Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ALERT - The N-Word In Charge Has Let Ebola In The Door

Yes folks, the Nincompoop-In-Charge has apparently done absolutely nothing to prevent Ebola infected persons from entering across our borders, and today, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) confirms the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed on American soil. (source).

If what the CDC recently said about the spread of Ebola in Africa turns out to be true, there may be from 550,000,000 to 1.4 million (yes MILLION) cases of it there by this January. Well, now our nation too has joined the epidemic with our first case here (that barring health care workers who were intentionally brought here for treatment). Who knows how many others, who are infected with Ebola, have already landed on our shores and are human time-bombs just waiting to spread one of the most deadly viruses known to man. Sure, the politicians, medical types and the media are soon going to all be talking about this and you can rest assured they are going to tell you how it will remain contained within the USA and how we need not worry. The thing is, they do not have a clue ,that will be wishful thinking and nothing more. I seem to recall that just months ago, anyone who said they feared it would wind up spreading to the USA was looked at as some sort of a kook by those same politicians, medical personnel and the media. NOW HERE IT IS WITHIN OUR BORDERS. Not so kooky after all and bear in mind it all started with only one case in Africa too. Also remember, that for the person to be symptomatic means that he or she has had it for up to weeks already and during at least part of that time it was transmissible to others.

For now, the CDC, other health officials and the government are remaining pretty quiet on this. They are probably tripping over their own wagging tongues while blaming one another and trying to figure out a good sounding story to tell to us - the American people. The patient has been placed into strict isolation according to the article I linked to above and his "recent travel history" was mentioned.

Him having a recent travel history could lead back to the source but it can also guarantee that there are probably hundreds of other potential vectors for this disease whom he may have infected along the way and they most certainly must include other people here in the USA. Folks he encountered during his flight(s), or other mode(s) of travel, such as other passengers or crew,  folks he encountered in Immigration and Customs (or folks he encountered while being smuggled across our borders), folks he encountered once at his destination, folks he encountered in the medical facility where in sought and or was given treatment before he was isolated, folks in any place he stopped to piss, crap, eat, buy a newspaper, shake a hand, or whatever he did through which he could have spread his bodily fluids like perspiration (that is a known vector for Ebola).

If he infected two people, within weeks they too could each infect two and there it goes taking off like it did in Africa. The frigging zombie apocalypse is, in essence, upon us and bear in mind that just a few years back we could not even produce enough flu vaccine to sufficiently vaccinate Americans and this virus has no vaccination to fight it. More recently, think of Enterovirus D68, that is the virus that the government assured us was quite rare  but yet has had spread to children in 40 states to date and has infected hundreds of them with us unable to stop it. If Ebola spreads in a similar fashion and as quickly, we are fucked and very badly so at that.

I recommend buying all the alcohol gel you can find on the shelves and maybe several large bottles of vodka too. I will be wearing rubber gloves when and if I can called into work (I work with immigrants) and will be taking all reasonable precautions and maybe some that medical professionals think not so reasonable but that I deem necessary. Wearing a vapor mask comes to mind. Washing after any skin to skin contact or disinfecting with alcohol gel is another. Keeping on gloves at work is another. Drinking some booze after being coughed on while speaking to someone, or likewise, another. Sound silly or paranoid to you? I am willing to bet you that if the guy who has it now is located in a hospital in your neighborhood or neck of the woods you will not think so. If you are a thousand miles away from him you may laugh at my precautions, that is until maybe you hear about a dozen or more cases of it if it spreads. When one of them winds up being close to your home, you won't see what I am suggesting as silly any more. By the way, you can read up some on maybe how to prevent an Ebola infection in this linked article, it appears near the end of the piece.

This is one hell of a serious virus as can be seen not only by its spread in Africa but by the fact it has reached our shores, is fatal from about 50% up to 90% of he time and because there is no known vaccination or cure for it. If you don't want to take precautions - fine by me but I think I will start to take at least some, like frequent use of alcohol gel and frequent hand washings.

All the best,
Glenn B


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