Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Tactical Uniform Position" Armed Retail Security Guard???

I was browsing through some want ads, on a popular online job site, when I came across one looking for retired police & law enforcement to fill armed guard jobs. Among the regular qualifications (such as needing an armed guard license, training all up to date, drug testing, etc.) was this blurb (and I quote): "This is a "Tactical Uniform position" in a retail store".

Is it that militarized police departments are not enough? Are we now to expect going shopping at our favorite department stores only to find armed guards in service therein who are donned in tactical attire? Think about that picture for a moment.

Makes me wonder what a Tactical Uniform security guard would be equipped with in a retail setting. I am guessing, that since this is within NY State, such a guard could be armed with a handgun, maybe even a longarm, but certainly not with a baton, or OC Spray, or any other type of weapon because nothing under the laws regulating armed security guards in NYS allows for such. Hopefully they are not riding around inside the store in tactical security vehicles - whatever one of those would be.

I suppose it means they will be tacked out in really tacticool clothing though. Maybe they will be issued black wraparound sunglasses, black Kevlar helmets, black body armor (although that may not be legal for a guard in NY), a black body armor carrier with lots of Velcro, snaps and pockets, black BDU type shirt and trousers, black boots, black elbow, knee and shin pads, a black gasmask in black carrier and the like. The whole concept of a Tactical Uniform position in a retail store sounds so ridiculous, I decided not to apply. I mean, after reading that, I could only imagine the mental ineptness of the mall ninja meathead managers for whom I would be working or worse yet, the attitudes of the coworkers with whom I would be working knowing they had put in for a Tactical Uniform position in a retail store! What is this country coming to?

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Glenn B

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