Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Politicians Want To Take Away Guns For The Good Of America

Let's face it folks, it has got to be true: Politicians and other government officials who are in favor of gun-control only want to control and then take away our guns (yes that is their ultimate goal) for the safety of all Americans. It has finally struck me that there could be no other reason. I mean, think about it, what other reason could they have for gun registration, assault weapons bans, magazine size limits, ammunition restrictions, not allowing guns into government buildings and confiscations?

What's that, you have a question! My advice to you is to answer it yourself after reading the Declaration of Independence.
A hat tip to Jim McK for the poster.
All the best,
Glenn B


GreyMan said...

Great poster!

Humble wife said...

Glenn it is fast and furious if I can borrow that phrase. For my Bill, a veteran, he received a call the other evening (nearly 8pm), from a doctor at the VA. Bill said that the doctor kept directing conversation towards depression..."are you feeling low? are you feeling down? are you depressed?" Bill knew the game and never even acknowledged the topic and hurried to close the call.

The point is that this is the path we are on as a nation. It did not begin with the current administration but most may come close to resolution soon~one way or the other.

Unknown said...

For safety purpose we should have gun in home otherwise not.
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Glenn B said...

For safety reasons, I carry a pistol whenever I can legally carry it. There is no legitimate reason that I should only be able to defend myself within my home.