Friday, October 11, 2013

Want .22LR Ammo - You Had Best Be Quicker Than Me...

...and that means you need to be about as quick as greased lightning or better (like the Road Runner).

As per, MidwayUSA had Federal, American Eagle, 22 Long Rifle, High Velocity 38 Grain, Plated, Lead Hollow Point, Ammunition available only 36 minutes prior to me trying to order some of it at .05 cents per round. Yes, I realize, I swore off of any new ammo purchases for a month and the month is long from over. It was not as much of a lie as it was that: What sane shootist could pass this by without trying to get some of it at that price in today's market! Anyway, when I tried to order some of it - it was already sold out - in less than 36 minutes!!! Ouch.

That ammo, disappearing like that, was quicker than ever was the Road Runner in avoiding the attempts of Wile E. Coyote to grab hold of him!

All the best,
Glenn B


Phil said...

I actually lucked out while at my local BiMart today and just happened to be there when they broke out the first .22LR for the shelves that I have seen in 8 months.
At first they were limiting sales to 100 rounds, two little boxes, per customer but the lady must have felt sorry for me and went in back and brought out a 555 box of Winchester just for me.
Twenty five bucks.

That's quite a bit more than a nickel a round if my toe counting is right.

Glenn B said...

Count those toes again. A 555 round box (I am assuming that is what you meant) at $25 is only about 4.5 cents per round. Not a bad deal at all.

All the best,