Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Someone Tell Me - Just What Did The Republicans Accomplish...

...except for maybe assuring they will lose the elections for the House and Senate in 2014 because of all their chest pounding, that was pretty obvious bluffing, over Obamacare and the government shutdown. As usual, the moronic pansy, Boehner folded. Then, so too did that other blithering idiot Mitch McConnell. They have got to be two of the biggest twittering pussies I have ever seen in government. Of course, McConnell has been reported (by Michael Savage on the radio last night) to have received a nice slab of pork for his state. I would imagine Boehner did likewise - but in the process they ruined whatever little credibility and integrity there was that remained in the Republican Party. FUCK THEM.

I was actually supportive of them shutting things down, government spending really needs trimming, and the borrowing limit needs to be adhered to - big time - even lowered by hundreds of billions if not more. Yet, I was pretty sure, all along, as I am guessing were most Americans (especially Obama and Reed) that the Republicans would crumble as usual when things got serious. As for that arse hat Rand Paul - he has shown himself to be one of the beltway boys through and through.

They, the Republicans and any conservative dems in the House, needed to stand fast, right or wrong on this one, and show some real belief in their own so called convictions and ideals. As usual though, they folded and gave up like the weak kneed piss pants fools they have proven themselves to be time and time again. I hope their constituents realize it is time for a change and I do not mean that they vote democrat but that they vote in some conservatives with brass balls in 2014.

All the best,
Glenn B

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