Friday, August 9, 2013

Did Someone Pull A Lightning Fast One...

...and make fools of the reporter, his editor and the media outlet that reported a car was struck by lightning just a moment after one of the kids riding in it wished to be hit by lightning. See the story here:

To say the least, there is something that seems to effect how I see this story and it is not a lightning flash. I have to wonder, did someone pull a lightning fast one on the reporter and his editor on this story. The first names, of the kids who were in the car, are all related to the science fiction genre. Denham was the last name of the main character in the original King Kong. Tanner is the last name of Charles R. Tanner who was an American science fiction writer who wrote in the 1930s and 1940s. Taylor was the last name of the actor Rod Taylor who was the lead in the movie The Time Machine. Morlocks, the family name of those in the car, was also the name of the creatures in the story The Time Machine. What a coincidence - isn't it!

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