Friday, January 25, 2013

Gun Control Thoughts

So tell me - in NY State (with the SAFE Act) and on the national level (with Obummer’s executive orders) if I do absolutely nothing, it means I will become a felon! Absolutely friggin amazing that our law makers have let no crisis go unexploited and by twisting around blame have blamed inanimate objects and law abiding citizens for the latest tragedy.

I wonder why, as with magazine capacity, they have not limited automobiles to only be allowed to travel as fast as the highest speed limit - think how many lives that would save. Cars kill more people by far than do guns, in this country, every day. Yet, we can buy cars that go over twice as fast as the highest speed limit within the USA, maybe even faster. You see, that is because it is not the car but the one driving it who is to blame when the driver runs down and injures or kills someone. The blame game according to politicians and leftists: With cars, the driver is to blame, with guns it is not just the shooter to blame but the gun makers, the ammo makers, the gun stores, the gun shows, the Internet, the movie makers, the video game makers, Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, every law abiding gun owner in the United States of America and probably their parents too. Oh did I forget the Founding Fathers and the framers of the Bill of Rights; heck I bet they would even blame God if they believed in one! All so very understandable, to all, when it comes to cars but somehow not with firearms, that it is the criminals to blame. 

As for justice: Run someone down and kill them, get a few to several years in jail and then you will be set free to do it again. Shoot someone down and kill them, go to jail for a few to several years so you will be free to do it again. Whoops, you caught me, you saw it didn't you. While you can commit a felony and go to jail for it, when you get out of prison, you certainly can legally own a car again but commit any felony and even some misdemeanors and you are forbidden to legally own a firearm again. The politicians figured it all out so well as to how to prevent violence committed with firearms haven't they! So, how could someone possibly ever shoot anyone again after having been convicted of a felony. Oh those politicians and their silly laws, don't they see that getting rid of guns is the only answer - getting rid of cars too. For that matter, getting rid of cars would save many more lives than getting rid of guns. Then again, getting serious again, executing the killers would solve everything with regard to recidivism for vehicular or firearms related criminal homicides. The death penalty might even make some folks think twice before speeding, drunk driving or shooting someone.

Of course, if you are looking at prevention in the first place, why not immediately revoke the driving privileges of anyone caught driving recklessly, or using firearms in like manner, and why not institutionalize the psychos, why not immediately jail for 25 years (as an add on to any other jail sentence) anyone who commits a crime with a firearm or other weapon (any weapon, including a car). Probably makes way too much sense to work in these Bizarro States of Amerika. Instead, our politicians have decided to punish the law abiding firearms owners of this once great nation and to demonize an inanimate object that needs a hand to point it and a finger to pull the trigger.

All the best,
Glenn B

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