Saturday, December 8, 2012

Carrying One Of The Beretta 92FS Pistols Again...

...since I just recently sent my Glock 26 slide into Glock to change the sights. Some months ago, I had the Trijicon night sights changed because the front sight had dimmed considerably. I asked for replacement with standard Glock sights, thinking that meant the steel sights that were standard Glock when I bought that pistol a few years back. They replaced the night sights, under warranty, with polymer (plastic) crap. I only got around to sending it back in for steel sights. It was not my fault that the night sights went bad so a warranty repair was to be expected but not with crappy polymer (plastic sights since they were replacing high end Trijicon night sights; that they did not replace them with steel sighs was ludicrous. Nor was it my fault that Glock downgraded from having standard steel sights to, what are in my opinion, polymer pieces of crap - yet they are charging me for the latest change to steel. I think that is not very good customer service but I suppose it is a sign of the times.

So, for now, while the Glock 26 slide is away, I have changed over to carrying one of my three Beretta 92 series pistols, which is also one of two Beretta 92FS pistols, I own. What a change from the smaller Glock 26 pistol to the larger Beretta 92FS. Not only is it bigger and weighs more, it is also a double-single action pistol as opposed to double action only as is the Glock. In addition, it has the exposed hammer, a manual hammer drop/safety, much larger grips, and a longer sight radius. Besides that, nothing is made from polymer (although the grips are plastic). I like the change.

All the best,
Glenn B

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