Friday, October 19, 2012

Help Me Fight Cancer & Throw Myself a Retirement and Kicked Cancer's Arse Party At The Same Time

No, I am not asking for donations. I am hopeful that my readers will help me raise money to fight cancer but again, I am not asking you to donate. Here is the deal:

I have put my retirement watch up for auction on Ebay. It was given to me upon my retirement from my 32 plus years of government service in Federal Law Enforcement. What I am hoping is to do two things. First off, I want to donate 75% of the funds I get for the watch, divided evenly between Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (the folks who saved my life) and to the American Cancer Society. Then, I want to take 25% of the sale price, $100 up to $500, and throw myself a retirement / kicked cancer's arse party. (Note that if the sale price is less than $400 I will not keep any for a party and I will donate all of the proceeds, after Ebay and PayPal fees, to the the two named organizations - if the sale price is more than $2,000, I will keep only $500 for the party and donate the additional remaining funds along with the 75% to the two above named organizations.) 

As you may or may not be aware, I retired at the height of my misery during my cancer treatments last November. I never had a retirement party and sure would like to have one for which I can pick the date, time and bar and invite folks from work whom I liked, and me pay for it instead of having them pay for it. Maybe that is wishful thinking but so too is my plea to Donald Trump, et al, in my auction.

What I would hope you guys can do for me is spread the word. Put it on your Facebook account, tweet it on Twitter, list it on your blogs, let the world know about my auction. Especially tell any rich folks you know and if you don't know any then tell any reporters you know or even any groups you know of who might get there memberships together to chip in to make a bid. I am sheltered, I know neither and do not have a Twitter or Facebook account.

If you want to read about the watch and a brief history of my career and about my battle with cancer, go here to the auction at Ebay:

This may be a crazy idea, but if it works, who knows, maybe we will help defeat a dreaded disease and throw me a decent retirement / kicked cancer's arse party while we are at it. I am going to invite the high bidder to the party if there is one, even if it is only he or she and me for a few beers (at there own travel expense, of course, and remember Donald Trump is a local).

Thanks for any help you can give in getting the word about this auction out there. Who knows, maybe Donald Trump will hear about it and make a bid that out trumps them all!

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

I wish I was a billionaire!!

I am praying for a big sale!!