Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did I Understand Correctly - Asshole's Administration Apologized For Us Again

Did I hear it right. Did that friggin ass wipe of an excuse for a man and American Preident, the Obamessiah of insanity, actually apologize to, or allow someone in his administration to apologize to, the Muslims because someone here, indeed some Muslims here, in the USA decided to take the liberty of exercising their right to free speech. Then the Muslims in Egypt and Lybia went berserk, those in Lybia killing 4 of our personnel stationed there merely because they were offended. FUCK OBAMA all the way to a virginless hell is all I can think if he or his administration has again apologized for the United States of America when instead he seemingly should have made a much different response - maybe like raining bombs and cruise missile down on our enemies, those enemies who have killed our people because our enemies were offended over someone exercising their rights.

Even if I heard wrong, and even if there was no apology, why are the missiles and bombs not falling on Libya right now? Obama made damned sure to put the scum into power in Libya, who are currently in power, by dropping bombs and raining down cruise missiles on Qaddafi. Why isn't he making sure those now in power are ousted just as surely and quickly as he did with Qaddafi now that 4 of our people have been savagely murdered merely because someone was offended. Fuck them all and the goats they rode in on.

Pretty pissed,

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Humble wife said...

I am pretty disgusted with how H Clinton and (I thnk) Obama released that the people were taking the ambassador to the hospital. NO WAY, It was obvious he was dead and they were dragging him about. Now to learn he had been sodomized...Where is our government?????? bowing~apologizing