Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tonight's Squirrel Report

I listened to The Squirrel Report tonight, most of it anyhow, as I was back and forth to do some things during the time it was on. For example, I got up to grab the Remington R1-1911 and some gun cleaning equipment about half way through the report. I gave the pistol a good cleaning as I listened. What got me to cleaning it was not that the show was boring, in fact it was quite enjoyable, but that someone on the show had mentioned the Northeast Bloggershoot this coming weekend and I realized that I still have a few guns to clean in preparation for it. Then again, I am in the middle of my regularly scheduled gun cleaning binge and I only have about 4 more pistols and 4 or 5 rifles to go before my whole collection has been cleaned. Earlier this evening, I cleaned my Yugo SKS. That took me about 2 1/2 hours (or more) bit it was a pretty complete cleaning. I did not disassemble the trigger group or bolt although, I tried to disassemble the bolt but could not get the pin out (I need to invest in some good brass and steel punches).

The show is just a few bloggers who get together for a couple of hours on Thursday nights to talk about current events, gun stuff, blogging or whatever suits their fancy at the moment. They also accept calls from listeners. (No, I did not call in, I started to but got distracted. Maybe next time.) Tonight they talked some politics, about guns, about the upcoming Bloggershoot, about Pennsic (where Breda just spent some time) and some other assorted topics. The hosts are Alan of Snarky Bytes, Breda of self evidence, Jay G of MArooned, and Weerd of Weer'd World. They sure sounded like they were having fun. As I said, the show was rather enjoyable for me too. I am not a regular listener, mostly because I don't think of it when it comes on as I am usually glued to the tube at the show's starting time of 9PM Eastern time, on Thursday nights, but I do hope to get in the habit of listening more often and I hope to listen again next week.

This weekend, if all goes as planned, I will meet at least one of the four hosts at the Northeast Bloggershoot. That would be Jay G. I am not sure if any of the others are attending but it would be nice if they all could make it. I am sure to have clean guns when I get there, more gun cleaning tomorrow!

All the best,
Glenn B

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