Sunday, August 26, 2012

Discussion About Deer Management Permits - I Did Something Right When Raising My Son

I sent a text message to my son a couple of nights ago to ask him in which wildlife management unit he wanted to apply for deer management permits, that way I could apply for other areas as I like to have a lot of possibilities open to us. He told me in the unit where his girlfriend's parents had a house in upstate NY, in the NW Catskills. The rest of our back and forth, relative to my having asked where the house was located, follows:

Son: In the town of --------. (He named the village.)

Son: I'll just shoot them without a permit anyway. So it doesn't matter.

Me: No you won't. Say no more.

Son: Haaha, if I got the AK I can't miss! Lol, just kidding, I'd never poach.

Me: There is a low chance of getting a DMP there as first choice only and you can also choose another place as second choice.

Son: ...honestly I'll just go without a permit and keep everything up there.

Me: Stop sending messages like that. All your text messages are kept by phone comp 4ever just like emails. (I really do not know if the phone company keeps texts like emails but suspect they do.)

Son: I'm just kidding. I'm not going to poach animals. Shit is fucked up, if I can get a permit I will hunt there, if not then I will not hunt there. I was not taught about hunting by an asshole.

Me: Good to know whoever taught u bout huntn is not an a-hole.

Son: Haha, well sometimes he is, but on average he isn't ;)

The text messaging went on a little bit longer but all the important stuff, for this post, was over and done with. Sure made me feel good to know that I did at least a few things right in his upbringing, such as what I taught him about hunting, and to know that he does not consider me to be an asshole. Well - at least not for most of the time!

All the best,
Glenn B

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