Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kim Rhode Shoots Gold

Kim Rhode not only won the gold medal in the women's Skeet Shooting event at the London Olympics today but she also has become the first American to ever win a medal in five consecutive Olympics. Her having won medals at 5 consecutive Olympics also makes her only the fifth person in the world to have done so. At age 33, she now has earned three golds, one silver and one bronze; her first gold medal was won when she was only 17 years old.

In achieving her victory today she broke the Olympic skeet shooting record, and tied the world record, hitting 99 of 100 targets. She did it in the wind and pouring rain too, that is until the sun came out during the final stage of her event. She is truly a world class athlete and I am proud to say that she is a fellow American and an American citizen who exercises her right to keep and bear arms and who enjoys shooting them too.

Kimberly Rhode (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)For more on her story, she the articles at these links, each tells something different about her, making all worth reading:

Kim Rhode may have a long Olympic career ahead of her. The oldest person to ever medal in the Olympics, in a sporting event, was a 72 year old Swede, Oscar Gomer Swahn, in 1920.He won silver that year. In fact, Swahn is also the oldest to have ever won a gold medal, he won gold at age 64.  He competed in three Olympics - the 1908, 1912 and 1920 summer games. Each time he competed, he did so with and possibly against his son Alfred, who also won bronze, silver and gold medals. Guess in what sport they did that. Yep, it was in shooting! So, at age 33, Kim Rhode is still a youngster in the shooting sports. I wish Kim Rhode all the best - long may she medal!

I wonder what type of shotgun she shoots? I am sure it is not a Remington 870! I mention the Remington 870 because, as coincidence would have it, earlier today in my post immediately prior to this one, I wrote about the 870.

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