Friday, June 29, 2012

Blogger Has Screwed Up My Blog Roll (as if my laptop being messed up was not enough)

Part of my blog roll has disappeared. I have no idea how to retrieve it, or if retrieval is even possible. I have lost all the bloggers' links who link back to me. If you are one of the bloggers who was on my blog roll under "Grumps, Geeks, Gun Guys, and Geniuses - All Worth A Read and Who Gave Me A Courtesy Link - Thanks" please leave a comment or send me an email with your blog name (because I probably will not remember them all off the top of my head and I want to make sure I get em all back on the list).

Glenn B


GBBL said...

North? Gun Blog Black List?

Glenn B said...

Thanks, that is what I need, memory boosts. I had one of them, North, and not the other in my reconstruction list. I was so used to just clicking on the link, I guess it is like not remembering phone numbers in your cell phone's memory, that I simply cannot think of some of the blogs by name. As I check other blogs, I am sure they will all come back to me when I see them in other link lists, or I would hope so, but you guys giving me the names is faster. Man what a few years in age and chemo can do to the memory, but it is getting better.

All the best,

Glenn B said...

So far, these I the ones I came up with:

knukledraggin my life away
feral irishman
cap'n bob and the damsel
wandering minstrel
the next chapter
greybeards gripes
gunblog black list
armed and safe
bayou renaissance man
the jungle hut

If anyone can remember any others, please let me know.

All the best,