Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Obama First? Obama Unbelievably Dropping Own Name Into Other Presidents' Official White House Biographies

This is beyond arrogance, this is totally incredible, that is until you think of President Obama's nature. Our current president, Barack Hussein Obama, has taken the liberty of, or allowed the, inputting his name into the official White House biographies of all our other presidents, with the exception of Gerald Ford, reportedly all the way back to Calvin Coolidge. See:


He then reportedly claims credit for what he seemingly would have us believe are ongoing policies, that other presidents started, by trying to equate his current policies with those of presidents past. For example, with regard to President Ronald Reagan, Obama is claiming credit for keeping alive President Reagan's turning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day into a national holiday because Obama says he participates in services on that day. In addition, Obama says that Ronald Reagan called for a fairer tax and Obama is doing the same with the Buffet Rule. Nothing could be further from Ronald Reagan's idea of a fairer tax than the Buffet Rule as far as I am concerned; then again, no president could be further from Ronald Reagan than is Obama. See President Reagan's White House biography here, and look down to near the end under the header: Did You Know. Then try to remember that it was supposed to be an official white House biography of Ronald Reagan (which is always what it was up until recently) and not a campaign advertisement for Obama!

This simply goes to show that the man takes credit for everything he can that others created or stood for because he has little to offer himself. He is little more than a political hack and he ought to be ashamed of himself. My bet is that, he is beyond being able to feel shame because he thinks so highly of himself as to so unabashedly take credit for the ideas of others. He evidently has a problematic and rather a big and very disturbed and perverse ego or so I would think.

A hat tip to Peter Q for this one.

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Glenn B said...

Look at this, I beat the media to this story, they posted on it the day after my blog post: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/16/white-house-under-fire-for-adding-obama-policy-plugs-to-past-presidents-bios/