Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1911 Holsters?

Anyone have a suggestion for a good, high quality, holster for my Remington 1911-R1?

I am looking for one that will be worn on the belt, on the strong side hip, in plain leather, that is suede lined, with at least a thumb snap for retention purposes. I also much prefer an open bottom. I will be looking to see what DeSantis and Don Hume have to offer. I have not had to buy a leather holster in quite awhile and I am pretty sure there must be other good holster makers out there so, any other suggestions would be welcome.


All the best,


Kevin said...

No thumb-break, but I highly recommend Dragon Leatherworks' Talon holster. Retention is excellent.

Glenn B said...

I just took a look at the Dragon Leatherworks website for the Talon holster and can say it is a possibility but I did not see any retention devices on the holster. Is it merely a friction hold. I much prefer a bit more for retention than friction.

I am currently wearing a Bianchi Askin's Avenger that retains the pistol, a Beretta 92FS, only by way of friction and/or by way of a chincy snap on, slotted, piece of leather not worth its weight in manure as I see it. The slot in the leather is supposed to slip on over the tang of the backstrap. It usually just falls off and it is not worth even having the strap attached to the holster in my opinion. The holster itself is great quality (from the days when Bianchi made some of the finest gun-leather available) but it leaves me feeling very vulnerable. So, I am in the market for another holster for my Beretta 92FS as well. Any more info you can give on the talon's retention method would be appreciated.


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Lefty Lewis (retired LEO) is in NY State. Used to work with Chic Gaylord.


GreyBeard said...

Don't forget to check out Andrews Leather.

I'm extremely happy with mine.