Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Voting Catholics May Be What Is Needed To Help Defeat Obama

I was raised Catholic. Right now I am pretty much an agnostic at best. I have not practiced the Catholic faith in many years although I will admit to stopping in a church now and again. Heck, even when I went through my cancer I did not even think of turning to the Catholic faith or any other. I maybe said one or two 'if there is a god please watch over my family type of prayer' but that was it, I said none for myself. That is changing though, I my consider returning to the Church. If not, then I am thinking of at least supporting the Church if not actually becoming a practicing Catholic again. Why? Because of all this stuff with the health care bill and birth control being forced upon the Church by way of them being an employer that will be required to supply health care including birth control.

After having watched the embedded video, I have to agree with the Church that the upcoming elections need people to get out to vote. If the message in the video was not clear enough for you, allow me to say it outright - VOTE AGAINST PRESIDENT OBAMA AND VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE! One can only hope and pray that as many Catholics as possible see the video. The Church is a powerful force with many members in the USA, many among them registered voters. If they push this enough, it may wind up having been exactly what was needed to turn the tide, to get Obama out of office.

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Humble wife said...

This is not solely about Catholics. This is about anyone of faith and the government imposing the beliefs of the state upon them.

May we all get out and vote.

Anonymous said...

What about the people of faith that are trying to force their beliefs on the entire population?! How is that okay?

Glenn B said...

I am pretty much an atheist, maybe at best a very doubtful agnostic. I do not see anyone, except those of the Muslim faith and a very few wackadoos in Christianity, trying to push their faith onto everyone. be specific, spell it out, what examples can you give. Of course, Ido often see the faithless, the atheists, trying to push their way of life onto everyone by removing any signs of religion from public life. Yes I can name examples if you need them.