Monday, March 26, 2012

More Information on the Trayvon Martin Case

An interesting read about Trayvon Martin and the incident leading up to his death.

I figured there might be some additional information coming out soon and it is at the above link. If it is all true then it appears to be a very different story than portrayed by the media and by Mr. Martin's supporters. The 911 tape sounds pretty real to me, and if unaltered, I owe an apology to Mr. Zimmerman for saying I thought he was an asshole. On the tape it becomes quite obvious that he stopped following Mr. Martin almost immediately after the 911 operator told him that they did not need him to follow Mr. Martin. There is other info at the link besides a link to the 911 tape, such as photos of the guy who has been made out to have been an 'angel'. He seems far from that.

It seems this may be another Tawana Brawley case or another Duke University case (remember the Lacrosse team). It comes as no real surprise if so, not with how the media handles such cases nor with how the African-American community seems to invariably demonize the European-American community when such things happen. It does appear that Mr. Zimmerman may indeed have been in fear of threat of imminent serious bodily harm to himself or that he was about to lose his life.

Hat tip to the Feral Irishman for making me aware of the above link.

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Humble wife said...

I still wonder if Zimmerman had shared my last name if this would have risen to the level it has as a Mexican/Hispanic last name would not have made anyone in the media jump for racial discord.

Funny how we jump to rash conclusions just to meet the narrative we wish.