Thursday, March 15, 2012

Has The President Made A Phone Call or Apologized About This

President Obama is ready to stick his nose where it does not belong on a moment's notice. Take for example the time the cop arrested the professor and he had them for beers. Also look to his recent phone call to Ms. Fluke to sooth her shattered nerves after Rush Limbaugh lambasted her and called her nasty names. Of course, he has appologized around the world for ever so many things that required no apology and that in essence had nothing or little to do with him, so much so as to make one think he has a psychological problem with being an American.

I am willing to bet thT he has not placed a phone call to the head of the Lake County Florida, Democratic Party Headquarters. Why would he want to call her, well maybe to make the point that he respects America enough to let her know she never should have flown the flag that she flew in front of said headquarters. Why not, well because it was a disgraceful sign of disrespect for the American flag as I seee it. See:,0,6097169.story

Now you may be wondering why would he apologize over this incident to the lady who flew the flag. Well, it is not her to whom he should apologize, he should be down on his knees apologizing to the American people that they who lead his political party have become so depraved as to place his likeness in the Union of that flag or at least on a flag that strongly resembles Old Glory. If he has owed an apology for the actions of Americans, as he often seems compelled to do around the world over something an American Ciizen has done, well he owes We The People a bigtime apology right now over this most disgraceful display of apparent disrespect for our flag.

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Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Glenn it is vomit...I wrote about this a few years ago. No longer is anyone holding back.

Our campaign as citizens should be NO MORE.