Friday, March 23, 2012

The Ballseye Job Hunt

I have applied for about 18 jobs since March 10, one day less than 2 weeks.  I said about 18 jobs because while I sent out at least 18 applications, I may have sent a couple or few more that I did not include on my job applications list and because at least one of the 18 job offers was bogus.  got an email from telling me not to answer any correspondence relative to one job I applied to after finding on their website. They claim the offer was fraudulent. Great, now some dirtbags probably have every bit of my information from that application, including every bit of my resume! Time to get some identity theft insurance, I'll have to look into it.

Well, anyway, I have at least sent in what still appear to be 17 valid applications for employment. I have applied for jobs ranging from Campus Director of Security with CUNY, to Internal Investigator with NY State Office of People With Developmental Disabilities, to safety and security officer with the same as the last outfit mentioned, to insurance company investigator jobs, to a collections job with a cable company, to sales associate at a sporting goods store in the firearms department, to a part time and temporary field interviewer spot, to a cleaner of medical equipment job. (That was the bogus offer, maybe I should have known since the starting pay was listed as about $17.00 per hour.)

So far, I have heard back from exactly one of them, the Office of  People With Developmental Disabilities relative to the Internal Investigator position. The lady to whom I addressed my cover letter and resume was nice enough to inform me she had received it, as I had requested. It took a week to receive the acknowledgement but that was fine by me, I was happy someone looked at my application. I am hopeful I will get that job, it is probably the best of all for which I have applied, close to home, pays well, and is a job in which I can really do something to help people with developmental disabilities. it has great benefits too, but I would hope they would be willing to let me do without many of those benefits in trade for more vacation time. I already have health insurance, life insurance and such. So, vacation time is a premium benefit for me. Of course, I would take it regardless of them allowing for such.

I have not heard from one other potential employer except for automated response saying they received my application. The reply from the lady at OPWDD was not an automated one, she actually wrote me a note saying she had received the application.

I think, I am done looking for work for this week. It is a true pain in the arse going through anywhere from 700 to 1,000 plus brief job titles and some descriptions too if a job title seems of interest, just about every day. There are jobs out there, being qualified for them is another thing. I am not qualified for most, am over qualified for many and not interested in some. I will point out, I am willing to take almost any kind of job and may start to look in local supermarkets and other local businesses next week. I am guessing I will stop at the few local gun shops even though I am pretty sure they are not short handed right now. Although, I guess it cannot hurt to inquire.

As far as salary goes,  am hoping to get something at around $20 to $25 per hour, or up, but I will settle for something lower, say $10 per hour to start, if I can not find something in the desired range. If nothing else, I may even apply for jobs at Wendy's and McDonald's. Heck, even minimum wage, sounds great when not working and needing to supplement my annuity, especially since my retirement checks currently are only being paid at about 55 to 58% the amount I should get when paid fully. That may take months yet; I have been receiving a partial retirement check for 4 months already. It's a bit difficult to make the adjustment to so much less than what I had been making while still paying the same or more for everything. In the long run, if the government does not go bust, we will still do okay and eventually the Office of Personnel Management will figure out my full pension and pay me what they owe in back pay. Mind you, no complaints from me on this, just pointing out what is going on with my pension.

If the government goes broke and says "No Pension" then maybe it will be time to do things I would never have considered before. I sure do have the tools for a very different line of work than I am used too. Funny those tools are the same as those I needed in law enforcement! (LOL as I typed that one.) 

For now, the job hunt goes on. I am looking for work not only to supplement my annuity but to keep me busy. I cannot imagine myself doing little to nothing for the rest of my retirement. Can you imagine, I am retired and I still have a work ethic - no unemployment for me unless it is the legal option of last resort. As for my work ethic, it certainly is not the type that makes me want to do chores around the house. I'd like to get those chores done too but I have only some very little know how to do home repairs and less confidence about doing them to actually get those jobs done reliably. So, I need to earn enough dough to pay the carpenter, the roofer, the plumber, the electrician and anyone else I need (painting I can do).

All the best,
Glenn B

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