Monday, February 13, 2012

U.S. Drones To Spy On Us Within The USA - The Revolution Seems One Step Closer

 I find it truly unfathomable that we have again taken a cue from England who regularly spies on its own citizens by way of surveillance cameras that have been set up throughout their country. Instead of us doing that here, we have one upped them by announcing that soon unmanned surveillance drones will be filling our skies watching us. They reportedly, as per a Fox News television report this evening, will have the ability to follow a person from the time he leaves his or her home until they return home.  They just reported that Congress is seeking to pass this bill and to have the FAA plan for these to be in our air space by 2015. In addition, Fox reports, there may be up to 30,000 drones in our skies by the year 2020. (Thirty thousand comes out to 600 drones per state, amazing and scary.) Imagine that - our government resorting to full fledged spying on our own country to such a magnitude! It is truly pitting itself against the citizenry and you can bet many, even most, of the citizens of this country will not stand for it.

I, for one, imagine that a revolution, to overthrow such a government, cannot be far off. Note, I am not advocating it, nor condoning a revolution, I am just saying I cannot believe that one is far off when our government starts acting like it has to spy on us the same way it spies on the Red Chinese, the Iranians, the Pakistanis, the Russians, and on terrorists.

Think about it, it reeks of governmental abuse of power. It is not something, in part, that was ever imagined by the framers of our Constitution. I am not saying that similar governmental abuses were not envisioned just that such technology was not envisioned. As for the governmental abuse, the framers of the Constitution not only imagined it would come about, they prepared for it by assuring we would have a way to handle it. They put the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights to assure we would be ready for it. If a revolution does come about because of such governmental abuses and because our government may have evolved into no more than just another tyranny, well I know the side I will choose and if you know me at all you can make a safe bet it will be on the right side, the one that supports our rights under the Constitution. Again, I am not advocating a revolution nor calling for one in any way. I would hope we can avoid it altogether. I much prefer peace and would much prefer to see our government return to abiding by the Constitution, as opposed to disregarding it, by way of the right folks being voted into office. Yet, I am scared, very scared that a revolution cannot be avoided because I have never seen the government apparently so openly abusive as it has become during the current administration. It seems to get worse with each passing administration - no matter who is in power. The government seemingly is pushing us towards a revolution at breakneck speed and I think we, the American people, need to take heed.

All the best,
Glenn B


picturerock said...

You are so correct in this, there is truly no reason the government, our would be masters, need such a fleet of drones unless they feel we must be watched. Imagine what the founding fathers would think of such a thing.

Humble wife said...


Sadly, I believe this is coming. I cannot see how our people will continue to loose our rights without something major.

Will we be strong enough to uphold the Constitution? I pray so, but I am thinking that our nation will forever be changed.

I correct myself. I believe that the time is almost upon us. May we be able to be strong and stand for Truth like those that did so before us. If we don't America will end up much like the Roman empire.

Praying for the best,
Preparing for the worst,

Kansas Scout said...

Yup. It's dark and getting darker. I frankly think economic collapse will open the proceedings and the grand ball will commence then. When people don't have anything to lose they lose it. If Obama really does lose, I think all hope will fade for half the country and then armed resistance will begin.