Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank You Bill and Jen of Double Nickel Farm

I wrote a blog post, this morning, to fill this spot. I just deleted the whole thing. Why delete it? Well, after breakfast and while my coffee had cooled off a bit but was still very warm to fairly hot, I sat down at the dining room table and shot a video of myself. In the video, I did pretty much the same thing as I had done with the written words for that post, the post I just deleted. While I am none to photogenic since my radiation and chemo treatments, I decided to disregard the embarrassment I would feel by putting my mug, the way I look  now, on the Internet for all to see. I did the video anyway, regardless of how I look, because I owed some thanks, a good deal of thanks to the folks at Double Nickel Farm. 

That gobbler (as my wife and kids call it), you can plainly see hanging from my neck, is not so much fat (like it would have been before my treatments) as it is lymphatic fluids built up in my neck where I have or had the cancer (do not know if they got it yet or not, will not know until March). It makes me look like I am turning into The Blob even though I lost 24 pounds during treatment and most of the fat on my neck had melted away. I have kept all but 2 pounds of that weight off since then. My haircut might also make you think I did service in the Marines though I was never in the service, well not military anyway. I spent 32 years as a civil servant as a federal agent. No insult to the Marines, I'm not saying that having been a Marine would be an embarrassment. In fact, that would have been an honor had I served with them, I am just commenting on a haircut you would probably never have seen otherwise, at least not on my head except that I got cancer. I got it cut that short, in fact much shorter - it is growing back slowly now, in anticipation of radiation and chemo therapies making it fall out. I figured why not me be in control and do it myself instead of letting the treatments do it. Well regardless of how I look now, I figured a video would be a more personal, nicer way to say what  wanted to say, to thank Jen and Bill of Double Nickel Farm (see for a really nice thing they just did for me than would be a super long blog post.

You can see the video on my YouTube page or you can see it right down below here in this post. It is pretty long at 11 minutes and 24 seconds but that is how long it took me to let Bill and Jen and their children, and the world, know how thankful I am to them for what they have done for me and to let you know just how nice they are for doing what they did for me. Bear in mind, I have never met them in person, I only know them through the blog and a few emails we have shared, yet they reached out to me in a really nice way. Watch the video if you want or forget about it as you please, that is up to you, but I am sure Bill and Jen and their 4 young adult children will want to see it, I hope so anyhow. Before I close, even though I am not religious, I have to say: God Bless Them!

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Oh Glenn!

Your video has brought tears to my eyes as you look so healthy after the battle you have been waging!

We are so glad that you liked the box, and want you to know that you are more than blogger to us, you are a dear friend.

May you never forget that you have folks all over that love you and are praying for you. Thanks to 21st century technology this is possible.

Thanks so much for sharing as we were able to see how you are doing too.

May you have a wonderful week

All the best,
Bill and Jen
your New Mexico family