Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teen Mom Defends Herself and Her Baby From Intruders

I found a mention of this over at Knuckledraggin my life away. There was a link to the site with the video but after seeing it I knew I had to see if I could post the actual video here for my readers. This is absolutely an incredible story in our times of a woman putting up with an awful lot in the last year including the death of her husband just this Christmas. Then, a guy reportedly named Justin Martin came by on the night of the funeral for her husband. He pretended to be a neighbor who wanted to say hello. He came by again, on New Years Eve, but this time another man was with him. They tried to gain access to her home. She would not answer the door. They started to break in. One guy had a 12 inch hunting knife. The mom, thinking wit a cool head, grabbed her shotgun, retreated to the bedroom with her child, gave the baby a bottle, grabbed her pistol and called 911. As per the video, she was on the phone with 911 for 21 minutes. Then the bad guys actually got inside her home and she said Martin (spelling?) came at her with that knife. She shot the guy with the knife, shot him with the shotgun, shot him stone cold dead.

I am not making light of the situation, nor of her recent hardship nor of the fact that she is still in her teens and killed a man, nor of the fact that the man is dead, when I say - I love it when a law abiding citizen defends herself in such a manner and the outcome is that the good gal wins and the life threatening bad guy dies. God bless America and the fact that so many of her decent citizens are gun owners.

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