Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Alive and Kicking and Adding To My Gun Collection

Well, all of my cancer treatments are over and done with. Radiation ended almost 2 weeks ago and Chemo ended last Tuesday. I am still feeling the effects of both, it was a tough weekend, real tough. Something that made things a bit easier or at least a bit more interesting for me was that I finally decided to open a carton that had been delivered to me on October 31. Can you say 'belated trick or treat'! I ordered a 1955 Polish WZ-48 .22 LR Trainer‏ from Centerfire Systems, they were nice enough to hold one for me until I could get my paperwork together which took me a few days to a week considering my current situation.

I am fairly happy with it. The metal is in VG condition, the wood is F to EX. I wish the metal were as good as the wood but what the heck. I bought it for a shooter and a fun gun not as a wall hanger or conversation piece. As luck would have it, my digital camera went legs up sometime during the early stages of my illness and I have not had the chance to get a new one or to find my old spare. When I do, I will post pics of it. Basically, it looks like a Mosin Nagant rifle, which is the rifle it was being used to train troops with which to be familiar. It is a single shot. It has a weird way of loading it. Since it did not come with a manual of any sorts, I will be waiting to find one and read it before I fire this thing. I will also wait to find and read a manual before I try to disassemble/reassemble it for a good cleaning. I did an online search for just such a manual but had no luck. If anyone knows of a source, please let me know.

Of course, I could not have afforded this rifle being that I just retired and what with the medical bills and such. Luckily for me, my sister and mother sent me a check for my birthday that just about covered every penny I spent on this rifle. How could I resist but to snatch one up when I saw it and had birthday money in my pocket. My wife seemed none to pleased to see another rifle had arrived via UPS and I never got around to explaining to her it was a sort of birthday gift from my sister and mom. Maybe I had ought to do that, then again - maybe not. For now, the riffle sits in the man cave and I await the day I will be well enough to head to the range with it for some shooting fun.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

I am glad to hear from you! And nothing like a lovely surprise for you to add to your collection(no matter how many you have or what it is! Enjoy your rifle!)

Praying for you here in NM

Bill Jen and family.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are pulling through. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? I thought I'd pass along a tidbit of information to a fellow gun enthusiast. When you get yourself ready to go back to the range you should pick up some ammo from The Sportsman's Guide. They have some of the best prices I've found, especially if you buy in bulk. I figured this might help you save a few bucks next time you head out to fire a few rounds.

Stay well Glenn, you're in my prayers.