Friday, August 19, 2011

Update On Our Toyota Corolla

As I posted on August 1st, our Toyota Corolla got pounded by hail, including one piece that left a baseball sized dent, and others that took out both windshields, popped the glass out of the mirror shell, and left dents all over the car. We got the glass fixed right away, I don't know what that cost but figure it was in the hundreds of dollars. Yesterday we got the estimate of damage for all the dents. It maybe works out to a mere bag of shells for some but to me it was a pretty big bag of shells at: $ 5760.56 (not including the glass). Now I am debating if I should just take the cash, not get it fixed, and put the cash toward a new car.  Heck, the Corolla was only about 12.5 K when I bought it new! Tough decision.

By the way, if I get it fixed, it has been estimated it will take 14 days to repair it all!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

You may loose a accident free discount if you have one. The insurance claim will be considered a chargeable occurance and because your company can not subrogate against another party or company they will take away your discount or even surcharge your policy on renewal for up to 5 years. Not only for this vehicle but also all cars on the policy. It might be better considering your tax bracket to deduct the damage on your 1040 as a casualty lose. Iceman

Glenn B said...

This was an act of God (or nature) and insurance companies can not pemalize the insured because of such, as I understand. But - I am checking with the company just to make sure.

Glenn B said...

PENALIZE nor pemalize