Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On Sarah Palin's Ability To Win Big

Sarah Palin win what - the run for the presidency? I like her politics very much but I also doubt her ability to win the election for president. She has shot herself in both feet, once by running as McCain's vice presidential candidate and then by stepping down as governor of Alaska. She stands little chance to none of winning the presidency for one other reason too; no other person, of whom I can think, in our history has ever raised the ire of the leftists as does she. If she runs she will bring every roach and rat of the left out of hiding to vote against her. Sadly, she does not have a similar effect on those on the right or independents as far as getting their votes goes.

I believe that she is taking the heat off of another candidate, on the right, Michelle Bachman. I think she stands more of a chance than Sarah Palin of rising to the top spot. I still think that Palin is better qualified but I am going to vote with both the issues AND realism as my guide when the primaries roll around. I am not saying I will not vote for Palin, just that it would have to look like there was a real chance of her winning and right now I think Bachman is the better bet and her politics are not to shabby. Of course, that could change if Palin actually entered the race. She can't win it if she isn't in it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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