Friday, June 3, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

Tomorrow, I and the son are off to take a civil service test - together. I am taking it with an idea that I might want to take the job when I retire, sort of a second career. He is taking it with the idea of it being a possible beginning of a career. The test is for NY State Investigator. Truthfully though, once I retire later this year, I am none to sure that I will want any continued contact with the world of law enforcement other than to be retired from it then again it is good to have options. As for my son, well, it is nice to see him sort of wanting to follow in my footsteps. It is even better to know that I must have done something right as for my part in bringing him up because I usually have to give his mom, my wife, most of the credit for that. This time though, I can definitely take some of it and smile about it too. My only hope about the test is that he does as well or better than me on it.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Best of luck!
I have a son that is following Bill in his LE footsteps and that is a very nice feeling for us, so I can imagine it for you too.

I am certain you both will do well.


Glenn B said...


Glenn B said...

Brendan finished before me, I had 2questions to go when he was finished. Funny how close we were to finishing together. When I spoke to him later he said he thought parts of it were tough. I ahve to agree. Either these tests are getting tougher or I am getting feebler. I really had to give some deep though to at least a few questions.

I think he will find them easier the more of them he takes. My guess is he did well on this one,and I think I did well too. Time will tell.