Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ballseye's Gun Shots 121: Beretta 70S Magazines - Possible Source (definite source for Bersa Model 644 mags, while they last)

Recently, someone sent me an email inquiring about whether or not I would sell him one of my 5 magazines for my Beretta Model 70S. I declined and tried to steer him to a source of aftermarket mags for said pistol. Well, if you are the person who inquired, and you are reading this, you may be able to get a really good deal on magazines that, while not made for the Beretta 70S, may fit and function in it. Of course, if you are not that person, and have a Beretta 70S, and want some mags that may fit and function in it, you might also be interested. If you own a Bersa 644 and need mags you will most likely be interested.

Tonight I received an email from the
http://www.sportsmansguide.com/ in which they advertised magazines for sale for the Bersa 644 pistol in .22LR at this link:


When I saw the pic of the mag, I immediately thought it looked a lot like a Beretta Model 70S mag (in .22LR). I was curious so I did a web search for Bersa 644 magazine. I came up with a website, that apparently specializes in selling magazines and other gun parts, called Hoosier Gun Works. I checked their page for magazines A-D:


One that page I saw they offered the Bersa 644 mags (in .22LR) for $25 each. Sportsmansguide has them at $19.97 each or $17.97 each for club members at the link I gave above. The thing about the Hoosier Gun works page was that it certainly seems to indicate that the Bersa Model 644 mags can be used in a Beretta Model 70. Now, mind you, I am not to sure that is actually the case, but if you are in need of mags for the Beretta 70 and it variations in .22LR, well it just may be worth checking into further. If you can get em at this price and they work in the Beretta 70S with no glitches - well you have probably gotten yourself a really good deal. Of course, if you do not want to chance it, you can always get after market mags elsewhere that were actually made to fit the Beretta 70.

That's it.

All the best,
Glenn B


lowkie said...

I own a beretta 70s in .22lr I'm so disappointed that the floor plate broken on one day while I was cc. The magazines guts flew out and hit me square in the gut. The force of the (rusty) spring left a nice indent and round lesion. Well It's no wonder that with years and years of time the plastic pinky extender finally begins to wear out. The mags are crazy expensive. Saw them go on eBay for 150+. I've recently ordered a triple k mag but don't really think its going to be the same. Thanks for the bersa magazine link. I might try and find out if they fit. I just don't have much money to burn, so down the line maybe. On another note I would love to have the shorter barrel that comes with the 70s I have the 6 inch barrel and while I love it, I would certainly would love the shorter barrel. If anyone reading this has it let me know.

Glenn B said...

Try Numrich Gun Parts, they may get the barrel you want in stock. They may also have the magazines or even the parts for the magazines. Do't look just once and get disappointed if they do not have it now, check back now and again as their stock changes often.
Their address is:


All the best,

Glenn B said...

Note, I finally tried these mags in my Beretta 70S, they did not work.