Saturday, January 8, 2011

Videos Supposedly Made By Alleged/Suspected Tucson Shooter - Jared Loughner

This and a few other videos or sound tracks are still up on YouTube, as I write. They were reportedly made by, and apparently attributed to, Jared Loughner. He is also reportedly the main suspect who reportedly was arrested in connection with the Tucson shootings, today.

My opinion, of this video, is that it is kooky ranting. The guy who made these videos probably had, in my personal opinion, gone off the deep end. After listening to just this one (below) I have to wonder if he was psychotic. If these videos/audios were made by the killer, it makes it much easier for me to understand how he (if indeed it was him - he has not been tried yet - bear that in mind and bear in mind the police are also seeking another person at this time) could have shot all those people. It does not, for me, excuse such behavior or criminal acts - just makes it easier to understand how it may have happened if the shooter/killer and the guy who made these videos was one and the same person.

What a shame, lots of lives ruined. Too bad no one in the crowd had a gun and shot back and got the killer(s) before he (they) got as many as he (they) did.

All the best,
Glenn B

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