Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese Pianist Makes Fools of, and Insults, U.S.A. at White House

If the story in the accompanying link is true, then our nation, under president Barack Hussein Obama, must be the laughing stock of the world, maybe even the universe.


One has to wonder just how wildly the president and the first lady applauded.

Amazingly despairing!

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Kansas Scout said...

This was a huge insult to us. It's so bad that it's hard to understand why they would do this.
Clearly they are in contempt of Obama and the USA.
I think war is inevitable between China and the USA. Their military thinks so too.
Recently Niles Gardiner, a Brit op ed writer called for appeasement. I think Obama is on track for that now.
China is the one Communist nation (besides Nam) to actually engage us in fighting a war. They have never forgotten this and the fact that we killed many thousands of them. They take a longer view than we do typically. They long for the day they give us what for and send us packing.
I think peace is better maintained through brute strength and appeasement is usually the way to war.
Lots of people think China is going to be the big dog and supersede us but don't be too sure about that. They have significant strategic weaknesses that we can exploit. They also have significant internal weaknesses that are barely contained and could explode at any time. Sorry for being so long in this comment.